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Birdwood Horse Works

Services include:

Education to Saddle


Re education

Horse Handing

Horsemanship Skills

Education to Saddle

Each horse is different but Educating to Saddle usually takes a minimum of 4 weeks, on average 6 weeks. Horses are worked 5 days a week, and have 2 days rest.

All horses are worked no longer than one hour in any single session.

By the end of your horses stay the horse will have learnt to;

  • Go out on their own and in company

  • Be mounted from a block or the ground

  • To go forward at a walk, trot and canter

  • Basic leg aids

  • Negotiate the opening and shutting gates

  • Be ridden out on roads

  • Be Tied up

  • Accept Rugging

  • Go on Float

  • Go through water (Dam)

At the end of training you can have a supervised 1:1 session with your horse, (not transferable or redeemable). One session only.

Please Note - This offer only applies to customers having their horse Educated to Saddle.

Re-Education or Education 

From the beginning, all horses are evaluated and a plan agreed with the owners on the outcomes to be achieved with their horse.

  • All horses are worked no longer than one hour in any single session.

  • All horses are worked five days a week and have two days rest.

  • If the owner wishes their horse to be worked any extra days then full charges will apply.

Newest Members


"Over the past 9 years or so Bronya & Coral have broken in a number of horses to saddle for me, as well as handling (halter / float training) yearlings. They always provide a..."


Repeat client

"A few years back I had a standardbred who had been so badly mistreated he was missing teeth. He hated humans with a passion, great to ride but very dangerous to handle in close..."

Krystan Rodrigues

very satisfied customer

Birdwood Horse Works

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